More than just a quality infusion pump, Nimbus™ II Flex is a comprehensive infusion therapy solution that meets the needs of your clinic and your patients.

Why Nimbus™ II Flex Ambulatory Program?

Simple. We eliminate the extra costs & work and
you have more time and energy to prioritize your patients.

Unlike our program, take a look at how other ambulatory pump programs will cost your practice and staffs.


How Our Ambulatory Program Works

Nimbus II Flex Includes:

✅  Lightest & most accurate pump on the market
✅  New technology programmed with comprehensive patient safety features
✅  Max reimbursement with free consult
✅  Sustainable revenue supporting model
✅  Annual software updates & device replacements
✅  And more+

Nimbus II Flex Eliminates:

❌  Third party rental payments
❌  AOBs, charting, paperwork, tablets
❌  Repairs and preventative maintenance
❌  Incomplete/inaccurate Chemo infusions
❌  Unsustainable, expensive cost model
❌  Staff interruptions


Want to learn more about our program?

Get in touch with our
Nimbus ambulatory team. 

Contact Zyno Solutions




Phone: +1 508-650-2008
Nimbus™ II Flex 24/7 Support : +1 855-923-2273


177 Pine Street, Natick, MA, 01760 USA

Business Hours:

Sales: 8AM - 5PM EST
Support: 24/7

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