Nimbus™ II Flex

Nimbus™ II Flex is a sleek and cutting-edge ambulatory infusion pump. It affords the sophistication of a high-end electronic pump designed to compete in the disposable market. Setting up can be as easy as rate, volume and run, Nimbus™ II Flex allows you to monitor infusions on the go.

Meet the future of ambulatory alternate care.

Built to bring the technological leap that was long overdure to alternate care.

Intelligent menu navigation

240 hour battery life

1-1500mL infusion volumes

Small and lightweight at 6 ounces

 Flexibility Redefined.

Nimbus is meant to make your life easier. Unlike other comparable products, Nimbus brings next level seamlessness. The sophistication of a high-end electronic pump designed for flexibility and ease-of-use.


No cassettes to fill


No preventative maintenance costs


Damage replacement options


Manage the per infusion costs

Saftey and efficiency wrapped into one.

We take our patient's lives seriously. Saftey is our number one concern when it comes to quality care.


Three-category library with up to four protocols 


Manual programming available 


Clinician-enabled lockout code 


Fluid delivery accuracy of +/- 5% 

No matter the situation, you can count on Nimbus.

When it comes to reliability, nothing beats Nimbus. Engineered with world class software and hardware, Nimbus never dissapoints. 

Fluid delivery accuracy of +/- 5%

Upstream occlusion alarm

Downstream occlusion alarm

Anti-free flow design

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After training up staff on your new shiny device, we are here to support and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Just contact our support line and we'd be happy to help.

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