Who we are.

At our core, we want to make patient live's healthier.


Open Minded

A clear communication channel is key to any business. We believe that the best relationships are the ones that stand the test of time and create great word-of-mouth referrals. Please do not hesitate to ask us anything!



We believe there’s no better way to build and sustain a healthy business than by being there for our customers when they need us. Quality healthcare is trickey, that's why we strive to be as availible to your needs as humanly possible.



We encourage potential new customers to thoroughly get to know us. The more you know and come to fully appreciate and trust our products, support and customer commitment, the better. There's no room for anything else in our book.



We understand that making an infusion system decision is vitally important to your business. It is also a relationship into which both parties will invest a great deal of time, energy and resources for years to come. We look forward to being of service to you and please ask us for our client referral list.

Our mission is to change infusion therapy to the way patients deserve to be treated

Zyno Solutions is a Medical Device distribution company that changes the way patients experience drug infusions. Health systems of every size—from new clinics to the largest hospital systems—use our devices and software to give patients the best treatment experience possible.


Our Story

Chaoyoung Lee founded Zyno Solutions in 2016 in pursuit of transforming how we think of infusion therapy. A few years earlier, Chao saw the need for change when it came to infusion devices. It was during countless encounters in a technology starved medical device industry, that he saw the room for improvement when it came to the patient experience.


Our Vision

With a rapidly increasing ageing population and more carcinogens around us than ever, Zyno Solutions aims to outfit every patient in the fight for their health with the highest quality of devices.


Our Solution

By combining the best minds in medicine and technology, our products are the embodiment of next generation medical devices and software. With hybrid teams across our entire company and a laser focused mission, we are setting the new standard in infusion therapy.

Contact Zyno Solutions


General: info@zynosolutions.com
Orders: orders@zynosolutions.com
Support: support@zynosolutions.com


General: +1  508-650-2008
Zyno Solutions Technical Support: +1 866-395-1988
Nimbus™ II Flex 24/7 Support : +1 855-923-2273


177 Pine Street, Natick, MA, 01760 USA

Business Hours:

Sales: 8AM - 5PM EST
Support: 24/7

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